Must-read (05/05/2018)

Here are some recommended readings:

  1. Noah Smith on the relationship between Airbnb and rental prices. I don’t usually agree with Noah Smith, but he usually challenges free-market views (not in this case), which I find stimulating.
  2. Diego Zuluaga on the diversifying properties of cryptoassets.
  3. Noah Smith (again) on Econ critics.
  4. I’m currently reading Deirdre McCloskey’s “Bourgeois Dignity: Why Economics Can’t Explain the Modern World”. So far so good.
  5. This article makes some fair points about the role of finance in today’s society. Yet the author confuses two different concepts: fractional reserve banking (banks are not obliged to back all their deposits with cash reserves) and maturity mismatching (maturity of assets being longer than that of liabilities).