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Luis Pablo de la Horra

Assistant Professor of Finance

  • E-mail luispablo.horra@uva.es
  • Institution University of Valladolid (Spain)

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Rethinking thinking

You find yourself in a bar, deeply engaged in a discussion with a friend over a public policy issue. You hold your position with confidence, convinced beyond doubt that there’s no room for debate. Every article you have read, every news segment you have watched, and every conversation you have had in the past month regarding this issue has reinforced your stance. In your mind, you are right, and your friend is mistaken. The evidence, as you see it, is undeniable. Why, then, does she fail to acknowledge what seems to be so clear?

Milei's Policy Challenges

Argentina welcomes a new president. Defying poll predictions of a technical tie, the anarcho-capitalist candidate Javier Milei achieved a resounding victory over Peronist Sergio Massa in the runoff by a wide margin. The unexpected turn of events led to Massa conceding defeat even before the official results were announced, surprising many observers.

Sometimes the best thing to do on election day is to stay at home

It was trumpeted (if you’ll forgive the pun) as the most important election in decades, and America 2020 didn’t disappoint. Although numbers are still to be confirmed, the Trump vs Biden presidential election saw a record voter turnout with two-thirds of the electorate going to the polls on election day. This represents the highest turnout in more than 100 years.





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